5 Dressing Tips For The Middle-Aged Gentleman

5 Dressing Tips For The Middle-Aged Gentleman

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Looking sharp and cool is not only for the younger generation. It should be a prerogative of all men of all ages. Middle-aged men who are also looking to compete with the younger generation for jobs must also take time to dress well to improve their chances at securing the job. Those who do not need jobs, however, have much to gain from dressing well.

Our today’s society respects a dignified older gentleman. You should check us-reviews.com for fashion shops that cater to the needs of the middle-aged gentleman. You can also read men’s fashion accessories store reviews here.

So, here are five style tips for older men;

  • Do not try to dress below your age

Many mature men dress below their ages because they read fashion blogs and magazines for style advice. However, it is important to realize that these blogs and fashion magazines are targeted at a younger audience. The advertised styles here are those that playoff youth, which does not look well for an older gentleman. This, however, does not mean that you should begin to dress blandly. You should find blogs and magazines targeted towards the older gentleman and dress up to show off your age in a stylish manner.

  • Find suitable brands for you

As you age, you should find brands that are more suited to your needs and look, especially when your body changes in size and posture. Things that looked good on you when you were much younger may look bad on you as you age. Make sure to try different brands, especially brands that are targeted towards middle-aged gentlemen. They will understand your needs better.

  • Become aware of societal expectations

Society judges appearances a lot and treats an individual based on how they look. Someone who dresses in a manner society deems as inappropriate will be treated with disdain. An older gentleman who does not take good care of his body and looks will be treated as a senior citizen, even though he may be much younger than such a description.

If you are looking sharp as an older gentleman—gray hairs and good clothing, along with an excellent choice of accessories—people naturally see leadership, wisdom, and maturity in you. Therefore, it is important to wear clothes that expect respect as you grow older.

  • Experiment with the classics

When young men want to stand out, they develop counter-culture styles to society, such as long hairs, tattoos, et cetera. Older men, however, use classics to stand out. A fedora or a straw hat could assure of the standing outlook.

You may also swap the polo for a guayabera, wear a plaid suit, among others—styles that are traditionally for men but are not really worn these days. There is, however, a line between looking classic and looking old-fashioned.

If you are careful with the way you add or wear these classics, your look will be portrayed as deliberate, rather than you wearing the clothes in your wardrobe, and you will stand out without having to suffer the indignity of people thinking you are trying to look younger than your age.

  • Move with the times

You are older now, but it does not mean you are ancient. It would help if you strived to move with the times when adding accessories to your clothes. A good smartphone and other electronics will portray you as someone in the times—an attractive-looking older gentleman who loves to look classy and stylish. Other accessories, from your wrist watches to your belts and shoes, should also make you look smart and sharp.

Ensure you dress well when you step out. Your shoes should be well-polished, and your hair should be well-cut. Also, it would be best if you endeavored to exercise regularly to keep your body in shape and ensure your fitness.

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