Tips for buying your firstborn’s clothes online

Tips for buying your firstborn’s clothes online

Research shows that about 2 billion people across the world shop online, because buying things online is convenient, time-saving and provides you with some discounts too. Here are tips for buying your first child’s clothes online:

Look for a legit eCommerce site

Before you start buying any clothes, ensure that the eCommerce site is legit. Due to the booming population of online buyers, a lot of online scammers have surfaced. More than ever, there are lots of fake websites on the internet claiming to sell what they are not selling. If you value your money, pick a good store so that you won’t get scammed. Ask other mothers where they buy their children’s clothes from. Also, check if the eCommerce site has a physical store and where it is. Check out the website too to ensure it is not complicated and unfriendly.

Pick the right size

Know the size of your child before you start shopping. Sizes are not the same, and different stores have different sizes for the size categories of S, M, L and XL. As such, you have to make do with measurements. Some online stores have size charts with specific measurements while some don’t. You can find the measurements next to the sizes of the clothes. Have your child’s measurements saved on your phone so that you can always refer to it. This also allows you to quickly take advantage of discounts.

Check the customer and return policy

Buying things online is not 100% guaranteed, you might have to ask for a refund or a replacement. As such, you need to go to a store that has an online return policy that is suitable for you. Some stores will not take back an item that has already been opened, while some will do and readily give you a refund or replacement. Consider other things like the shipping costs and store credit. Don’t be tired to look for the answers to all these questions because it determines whether you will have a good customer experience or not. Read the policies on the website and use the chatbox if necessary.

Use a budget

Once you get sucked into the world of online shopping, it can be difficult to control your spending impulses. Having a budget before you buy your kid’s clothes online helps you not to overspend. You will avoid a free fall because you will stick to your budget. To make the most out of your money, you can also time your shopping to the period when you can get really good prices. For instance, you can decide to shop offseason or during periods clothes store give discounts.

Read online reviews

Online reviews help to either clear or establish your doubts about clothes store. It is good you know what other people are saying about the clothes store before you buy your kid’s clothes from them. You can get to know this by reading reviews about shops such as Patpat baby to know if they sell clothes for kids and if you should patronize them. Not all stores are beautiful and pleasing as their website looks. If the customer rating for a store is negative, that is a sign that you should pass by.

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