5 Tips to Stay Stylish Even If You Are A Mediocre Budget!

5 Tips to Stay Stylish Even If You Are A Mediocre Budget!

For some people, “hungry eyes” when shopping becomes a bad habit that is difficult to break. Especially girls, when traveling to shopping, the initial intention to just look around alias window shopping, even end up buying lots of things because it is difficult to control themselves.

Moreover, if there are a sale and just payday! Unconsciously, your money can suddenly run out you know. There is a simple way to make your income and expenses more manageable. How to do? One of them is by shopping at online stores like https://www.love-lingeri.dk/ which is, of course, the quality and branded guaranteed the same as in the malls where you shop normally. Here are five smart ways to shop!

1. You must be able to distinguish between needs and desires

Needs and desires are two different things. But many factors like the environment make it difficult for you to distinguish these two things. This is what most often causes someone to be trapped by the use of excess money.

For that before shopping, first, understand how you need to buy goods. Check back the items that you already have, if you still have the same items that you want to buy and are still suitable for use, meaning that the goods are just wishes.

2. Avoid storing too much cash in your wallet

The large amount of cash that is visible in the wallet can make you so light in spending that money. Therefore, try to bring enough money according to the shopping list that has been made before.

Just in case, you can bring more than 10 percent of your estimated total spending. This aims to make you more focused on the items you want to buy.

3. Do not be pegged to always shop at branded places

Shopping for good clothes doesn’t have to be at the mall! Lots of places that sell cheap clothes with quality that is not less good as in the boutique. What is important, you must be very clever looking and patient.

Sometimes, the price of clothes is also adjusted to the placement of the store, if in the mall it will obviously be more expensive because the company must pay a greater tax. In fact, it turns out you can get these clothes in a cheaper place. Shopping online will also save your expenses you know! Frequently also look for updates about garage sales or used clothing bazaars.

4. Wear existing clothes by mix & match!

Before you buy new clothes, try checking your closet again. If it is still full, it helps you re-sort your clothes that are used and which are not. Do not let you buy something that turns out you already have. Cleverly integrate existing clothes. For your clothes that are not used, you can sell, girls. Not bad, you can earn more for new shopping!

5. Always record your shopping expenses list, yes!

Noting spending is also important to do. Because by doing that, you can monitor wherever the money you spend goes.

You can also know shopping habits that are often done and predict what spending can be suppressed later on.


Have a try!

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